ImmuneSchein’s Best Dark and Stormy Recipe: The Night Of and Day After Drink?

ImmuneSchein’s Best Dark and Stormy Recipe: The Night Of and Day After Drink?
January 5, 2014 Jason Geib
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ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir: Best Dark and Stormy Recipe:

In walking the areas today, it is amazing to me how many “zombies” that I have come across walking the streets and trees.  I do know that it is coming into the cold and flu season, but it is apparent that these people are suffering from something else. In asking around, it became clear that these people are suffering from something far more dangerous: Politics! To some, this is something much more manipulative, life altering and deflating.

To a good friend, I asked if could I be of help? He turned from mumbling to inquisitive and asked, “Is it  possible that your ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir can make a political hangover seem better or maybe even help with the celebratory side of things for those who have drank too much political root beer gloat?”  From the day after results that I know from past parties of more important things, all I could reply was, “I am here to claim that it can and will.”

So, to strengthen you immunity naturally to the effects of any political situation, regardless of what side of history that you are on here, the recommended approach from us to either the Eeyore/defeated or the Tigger/victor of a situation would be to try an ImmuneSchein Dark and Stormy to bring you back into the realm of your joyful reality, a blind numbed 2 year existence, or the, “I am mad as hell and not going to take it!” mode.

It is your choice and your right! Dosage needed to achieve your desired reality may vary, but in the end, to your rights for real!

ImmuneSchein’s Best Dark and Stormy Recipe
2 Ounces of a Sparkling water
1 Ounce if ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir
2 Ounces of Dark Rum
And Stir!!!
(Depending upon situation, this recipe can be doubled, tripled,…..quintupled, etc.)Please share with us suggested modifications to this drink recipe and/or recommendations that you have created or tried with ImmuneSchein in the past.
Strengthen Immunity Naturally! To your health for real!