Thinking of how ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir Can Change Your World!

Thinking of how ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir Can Change Your World!
January 8, 2014 Jason Geib
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How can ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir change your world?

Thinking about how we treat the world and its species and the karma that it renders is either slowly or instantaneous in what we are left to deal with in the future. It saddens me to see how as a society we seem to be watching our world spiral into the extinction of plants, animals, environment and/or economic responsibility. Some of these elements could be categorized and prioritized into a cause and effect line, which I am not here to debate or engage in with this post.
As a society, it is one thing not to agree on some things, but not to sit down and establish a forum to discuss, create solutions, and use the education that is sold to create its value and stop the “bleeding” of:

1.     Causes of Global Warming
2.     Use and Disposal of Plastics
3.     Causes of Bee Extinction
4.     Food System Deterioration

Earth’s Debate Outline:

Group A:
1.     Uses Scientific Data
2.     Uses physical evidence by providing visual in videos, pictures of ice melting, polar bears drowning, thousands of seals on an ice cube that use to be the size of Texas, plastic fields floating in the oceans, again the size of Texas; dead bees, empty hives dwindling populations; chemicals, GMOs, ingredients that we can’t spell in foods.  (Disclaimer: Nothing against Texas, but I always wonder, why Texas is used to measure big, bad things?)
3.     Has generated solutions to address data and force individual, corporate and government responsibility
4.     Take these issues seriously, they are seeking resolve

Group B:
1.     Uses Scientific Data
2.     Acknowledges Group A’s physical evidence as real, but disagree on cause
3.     Has generated solutions to limit Group A’s solutions to ensure corporations and governments are not hindered by new “job killing” and “growth” regulations
4.     Take these issues as something that will go away, they are seeking avoidance, use to label and make a joking point for the “Green” people that they work, live or deal with

When it comes to these public debates and the use of numbers, there is a great saying that goes, “Numbers don’t lie, but liar use numbers. Either side can debate who is the lair here, but the fact remains that this victims are the Earth and it’s inhabitants.

Thinking of how we treat our bodies, its organs, limbs, mind, etc. and the karma that it renders either slowly or instantaneous in what we are left to deal with in the future.  It saddens me to see how as people we seem to be watching ourselves, friends and/or family members spiral into the results of self-inflicted food choices, exercise choices, environmental stressors, obesity, diseases, cancers, education, Etc.

As a person, it is one thing not to agree on something that your body tells you through digestive issues, stools, aches, pains, failures, attacks, weight gains, weight losses, and/or skin issues, but to not sit down and establish a plan to discuss, create solutions, use education, deal with the realities of diagnoses and/or use self-discipline to create an approach out of this that leads to health only consists of one group; you = A.

Fortunately for you, there is not a Group B that you need to strategize, deceive or bribe to achieve results in most cases. Though I think that for some of us in this situation of body karma, we could find us a B member that is in our ear, life or bed. In the issues that are discussed in the political realm, we can always use the approach of: Window = Must B THEM Problem, but when it comes to our bodies health, we are only deceiving ourselves not to use the Mirror = This is A ME Problem.

As mentioned in previous blogs, I am a Type I Diabetic, and one of the greatest elements of this disease is that I can limit the need for me to take medication. The main reason for this is found not only in the approach, but the acceptance and sheer determination to live the best that I can with the disease I have been granted. For me, this approach includes to make the best choices I can with life; engage in an active lifestyle that includes exercise, walking, yoga, stretching; educating and applying learning; using herbs, using whole foods and using my ginger elixir blends to provide me with my body’s optimal performance through a natural immunity booster. This makes my results what they are a result of: All ME!

For the elixirs that ImmuneSchein offers, I either use the classic, turmeric, cinnamon, or garlic in alternating times depending upon what is going on in the before mentioned environments around me, but more importantly to what my body is telling me.

For how we can be of assistance in your ME journey to optimal health, we have handmade our ginger elixir from the start with a commitment, purpose, and passion to always make our ginger elixirs with the best ingredients of organic lemon juice, organic ginger roots, NY wildflower honey, organic turmeric roots, organic Ceylon cinnamon, or local organic garlic. The history of these ingredients have shown when utilized to provide you with the structure that you need to succeed in strengthening your immunity naturally and maintaining the lifestyle that your ME journey requires in matching circumstances.

Always feel free to reach out to us with questions, comments and/or concerns.  We look forward to seeing you soon! “To you health for real!”

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