Holistic Remedy For Colds and Flu: ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir

Holistic Remedy For Colds and Flu: ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir
February 1, 2015 Jason Geib
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ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir for a cold and flu holistic remedy?

With cold and flu season being in full force, I wanted to share with you a very nice Ted Talk that breaks down the scientific understanding of how the body responds to viruses and discuss the use of assisting this process with ImmuneSchein Elixirs.

If you have not already, please watch this nice 4 minute Ted Talk to gain some scientific understanding of how the body responds to the introduction of viruses. What a nice scientific understanding and explanation of how the body works when taking on a virus!

We will all be infected with the virus through sharing a pen, opening doors, taking care of ill family members, being around the coughing sneezing partner, friends, co-workers, etc. It is important to note that the way that our body builds antibodies to increase immunity to these viruses is by being introduced to them 1st in our cells. A short cut to this plan by the medical community is the flu shot and other immunizations. This introduction of the virus to our system will be utilized by our immune system to create the needed antibodies, providing us with the right “keys” to the “virus doors” to fight this virus into submission and return us to optimal health.

For those of us who take the holistic approach to these viruses, sometimes this is why we get it, and sometimes why we do not. This all depends upon the available nutrients, antibodies and the “key ring” that our body has created, copied and stored in the past. I hope that this provides some explanation to why even people with the best health and approaches to staying clear of contracting these viruses and germs will find themselves being “dragging” at times, but not knocked out.

During this “dragging” time stage, this has caused a result of our body not initially possessing the “right key” to avoid infection, so now the body’s immune system is in process of fighting the virus while at the same time generating a new “key” to open the virus “door” to eliminate it from our body. After the virus is removed from the body, the “key” is stored and this new “key” ensures that our immune system is prepared for a “return attack” or “copycat” when reintroduction occurs.

In the video, it spoke about the body needing nutrients for strong cells, cell repairs and fighting infections. Nutrients are the critical and nonnegotiable element for the immune system’s “key building” that ImmuneSchein provides, a nutrient rich product for providing our immune system with the needed ingredients for strong cellular health for when a virus is introduced into our cells.

ImmuneSchein’s benefits for use with colds and flu come from the whole food ingredients without additives and preservatives. A pure, whole food without additives or artificial preservatives to alter or hinder the bodies absorption of our ImmuneSchein’s Classic ingredients of organic lemon juice, organic ginger and local honey.
In fighting colds and flu, these ingredients provide our bodies with a holistic approach to support with:

Organic Lemon Juice: is an instant increase for the body’s need for Vitamin C, which when strengthen the immune system, is a crucial part for a strong immune system to defend and create the needed repairs for the damage that has been inflicted by the virus to our cells. Lemon is known to provide us with a boost of energy and naturalize waste products/free radicals in the body, which reduces our inflammation and swelling that is occurring due to the fighting of the virus by the immune system

Honey: assists in building white blood cells, fighting infection to reduce fever, soothing a sore throat, which is why the coughing is occurring

Organic Ginger: assists with dizziness, cold sweating, reducing inflammation, settling the stomach, relieving an irritated digestive track, and relieving the feeling of nausea

We also make a product line with organic garlic, ImmuneSchein Garlic. In this line, we add organic garlic to our ImmuneSchein Classic. The use of garlic has been shown to destroy unwelcome viruses in the body and assist with common colds, sore throats, coughs, and respiratory infections.

Ginger Elixir Recipes:

Enjoy your ImmuneSchein straight out of the bottle or warm it up like a saki

Enjoy your ImmuneSchein mixed with cold water/sparkling water or teas

Mix ImmuneSchein with hot water or teas

For further instructions on how to take, please visit a previous blog that goes into detailed thoughts, or visit our recipe page: What is the recommended serving size for ImmuneSchein’s Ginger Elixir?

We are hopeful that this information helps you and please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments.

“To your health for real!”