Turmeric Elixir & Recipes: ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixirs

Turmeric Elixir & Recipes: ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixirs
September 10, 2017 Jason Geib
Turmeric Drink

ImmuneSchein Ginger Turmeric Elixirs are created in our own facility with passion and appreciation for 100% pure, whole food ingredients to promote and support you in your use of elixirs. From day one, we have been committed to never using water, sugar, powders, additives, preservatives, flavors or anything other than food in any of our products as an ingredient. If you are in search of the purest, highest quality, small-batch, handmade ginger elixir on the market, for a one of a kind taste and the most flexibility of use available on the market, then ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixirs will be for you.

We wanted to share with you some quick reference ginger turmeric elixir recipes for your use with our Immuneschein product. Please use this as a guide to kindle creativity and not a “prison to the flexibility” with the product.

In general, mix 1 oz. of ImmuneSchein to 6 oz. of other item or to taste preference, but remember to adjust to your taste and creativity:

  1. Hot Water + ImmuneSchein = Hot Lemon Drink
  2. Cold Water + ImmuneSchein = Lemonade
  3. Sparkling Water + ImmuneSchein = Ginger Ale
  4. Olive Oil + Spices + ImmuneSchein = Salad Dressing
  5. Wasabi + ImmuneSchein = Sushi Sauce
  6. Yogurt + ImmuneSchein = Lemon Ginger Yogurt
  7. ½ oz. Apple Cider Vinegar + 1 oz. ImmuneSchein + Sparkling Water = Palatable ACV Schein
    • Also you can stir in Matcha tea powders, Spirulina powder, or other mixes directly into ImmuneSchein or any of the recipe mixes above

Mix Drinks to Taste Preference or Use as a Bitter:

  1. Dark Rum + Sparkling Water + ImmuneSchein = Dark and Stormy
  2. Gin + Tonic + ImmuneSchein = Gin & Tonic
  3. Vodka + Tonic + ImmuneSchein = Vodka & Tonic
  4. Gin + ImmuneSchein = Gin Spiced Shot/Drink
  5. Vodka + ImmuneSchein = Vodka Spiced Shot/Drink
  6. Bourbon + ImmuneSchein = Bourbon Spiced Shot/Drink
  7. Sparkling Wine/Champagne + ImmuneSchein = Spiced Wine/Champagne
    • Also used in Moscow Mules, Cosmos, Hot Toddies, Etc.

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